Corona, Community and the Vail Comedy Show

This Letter To The Editor was published in the print version of the Vail Daily on Sunday November 8, 2020

Before we heard about flattening the curve, a monthly Saturday night event was growing in the valley. Once a month it turned a…

Last week I was — not exactly — in St. Louis.

I was in East St. Louis. Located in Illinois. But close enough to St. Louis’s famed arch that I jogged across state lines every morning to visit.

St. Louis Arch

I was at the Casino Queen hotel for an event. Just a…

Not Good Yet on display at Mutiny Information Cafe in Denver, CO

I wrote a book about (Denver, CO) open mic comedy that was released in April 2019.

It is available in so many places you can even get it on a Nook. …

East Atlanta Village, street art

[This is an excerpt from the book Not Good Yet, Lessons from the first six months and one hundred performances of a Denver open mic comedian.

If you like it please support the author and buy a copy by visiting the book’s website

Special offer: The first person to…

Mark Masters

Denver based stand up comedian, contact me using the form at WATCH satirical news:

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